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The #1 Language Software in The World!

Start learning a new language. Guaranteed!

18 Languages

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Ideal for travel or school, these 2 language-packed CD-ROMs explore essential vocabulary and phrases. And with the effective user-friendly immersion method, comprehending and conversing in the far-flung corners of Europe, Africa, Asia, and points in-between has never been easier! From the Zulu spoken in the tiny African kingdom of Lesotho, to the Mandarin Chinese of the world’s most populous republic, 18 Languages uses a uniquely engaging blend of intuitive features that translates to multilingual proficiency.

Interactive Vocabulary Building

Follow the 3 R’s – Lets you set your own pace for language learning!

1. Receive – interactive, customized instruction from native speakers and translators.

2. Repeat – the lessons and animated drills using the record & playback features.

3. Review – your progress with quizzes & games at escalating difficulty levels.

Join your live-action CD-ROM hosts as they guide you effortlessly through the 2 discs. Follow along at your own pace to the animated Word Practice and Speaking Practice warm-ups, building vocabulary fundamentals and correctly accented pronunciation. Then, exercise your newfound linguistic skills with a variety of games and activities including "The Dealer" and his fast-paced drills at increasing difficulty levels.

18 Languages. Limited Time Special – $29.95 including Shipping Worldwide. Order Now!

•The Most Widely Used Method in the World

•The Easiest, Fastest Way to Multi-Language Learning

18 Languages on 2 CD’s

•Simple, Easy to Understand Step by Step Instructions

•Ideal for Travelers, Students and Business People

•Interactive, customized instruction from Native Speakers and Translators

•Repeat lessons and animated drills using the record & playback features

•Review your progress with quizzes & games at escalating difficulty levels

• Set your own pace for language learning with this revolutionary product!

• With 18 Languages, multilingual learning isn’t just lip service, it’s guaranteed!

Languages Included

Chinese (Mandarin)















Tagalog (Filipino)



This software will help you speak like a local. Now you can choose from 18 languages with this revolutionary product. Chosen by millions, find out why this 18 language software is the most widely used method in the world. Choose any point on the map, and you virtually right at home. With the step by step instruction in 18 native tongues making up the 18 languages, your only dilemma is deciding which language to speak first! Language learning has never been this easy before!

System Requirements


Windows? 95 and higher, including XP, 486 processor or better,16 MB RAM, VGA display (256 colors), 4X CD-ROM drive, Sound card, Mouse, Microphone (recommended), Printer (optional), Internet Access (optional)


System 7.5.5 or above, G3 or G4 processor, 16 MB RAM, 256 color display, 4X CD-ROM drive, Sound card, Mouse, Mac compatible microphone (recommended), Printer (optional), Internet Access (optional)

*Size doesn’t Matter. You will receive 2 Brand New Full Version CD’s in a Genuine CD Sleeve. Full User’s Guide on CD’s. Retail box shown for display purposes only. Purchase does not come with retail box. With the new Express line, you get all the same high-quality, interactive software as the regular best-selling boxed line, minus the big box. – A nice plus for the environment and trees.

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