Learn Ukrainian While You Sleep


Learn Ukrainian While You Sleep

English to Ukrainian

For Your Ears Only

Learn Like A Spy


Speak Ukrainian within 30 days. No Pens, No Paper, No Homework, No Memorising.

You can rapidly learn Ukrainian or ANY NEW language.

Learning Ukrainian is easier than you think!

Imagine how you would feel being the one who orders the meal the next time you’re in a Ukrainian restaurant – and in Ukrainian.

We have all tried the big named systems for learning Ukrainian but usually we never get to finish them – something else more important just seems to pop up and get in the way.

It can be annoying and really frustrating – we should have done this ages ago – perhaps when we were at college.

Well don’t give up just yet – with another holiday looming there is still time to make sense of the locals and to even impress them.

Even if you have little spare time – get rid of those embarrassing Ukrainian moments – you can do it.

Our unique "Learn Ukrainian In Your Sleep" system can get you up and running even if all you want is some time out.

Our promise is you will speak Ukrainian in 30 days and without taking hours of your time.

I’m sure your skeptical and why would this system be any different to all those others you’ve tried.

Well put simply – our system works. You don’t need much time and before long you will be amazed to find it working.

Soon those foreign sounds and words will be become more and more familiar and recognizable.

With a few words at first – before you know it you will be proud of yourself stringing together whole sentences.

And the great thing is, it doesn’t take up much of your time. With just a small effort you will begin to see results which will reinforce your confidence as things begin to ‘stick’.

Ukrainian phrases will pop instantly to mind as you smile and congratulate yourself.

Soon you will really be looking forward to that holiday.

This system is the exact same way spies have used in the past to quickly learn a new foreign language. Now is your chance to make it work for you.

It’s your choice really – to stay stuck where you are or to use our unique "Learn Ukrainian In Your Sleep" system to get you speaking Ukrainian in 30 days and unleash your confidence when speaking Ukrainian.

What price would you put on a being able to speak Ukrainian?

Private lessons are expensive and need loads of time. Other language programs are not only expensive but require hours and hours of tedious work and study.

You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy our "Learn Ukrainian In Your Sleep" system is to soak up the Ukrainian that you really need to speak and have been struggling with for years.

Just 100 words comprise 50% of all words used in conversation in a language.

Learning this core 100 words gets you a long way towards being able to speak in that language, albeit at a basic level.

The 100 basic words used in English conversation are shown below:

1. a, an

51. often

2. after

52. on

3. again

53. one

4. all

54. only

5. almost

55. or

6. also

56. other

7. always

57. our

8. and

58. out

9. because

59. over

10. before

60. people

11. big

61. place

12. but

62. please

13. (I) can

63. same

14. (I) come

64. (I) see

15. either/or

65. she

16. (I) find

66. so

17. first

67. some

18. for

68. sometimes

19. friend

69. still

20. from

70. such

21. (I) go

71. (I) tell

22. good

72. thank you

23. goodbye

73. that

24. happy

74. the

25. (I) have

75. their

26. he

76. them

27. hello

77. then

28. here

78. there is

29. how

79. they

30. I

80. thing

31. (I) am

81. (I) think