Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How Do The Programs Work?

Each program is designed to stimulate you on how to use more of your mind. It
is our subconscious mind that is the real core of our being. Our subconscious
is the focal point – to our memory, senses and bodily processes. The subconscious
accepts and brings into reality any suggestion that is presented to it.

2 Why The Subconscious?

The human subconscious is non-selective with the information it accepts – that
means all statements and information that we have processed over our lifetime-to-date
are present in our subconscious minds. Our current behavior is based on this
expansive retention that the subconscious has selected to accept. To change our
current behavior, we must first change the informational content stored in the
subconscious – a lasting and permanent behavioral modification. Therefore,
it is necessary to find a way to counteract those “negative” subconscious
thoughts. If we introduce positive suggestions with the proper motivation – accompanied
by visual imagery, color and the rhythm of words spoken as notes – our mind can
help bring into reality whatever it is we desire.

3 What Is Subliminal Persuasion?

The dictionary defines subliminal as “existing or functioning outside the
area of conscious awareness.” Subliminal recordings were made possible
only by the inventive onset of motion pictures. The fact that subliminal persuasion
(or suggestion) can reach the subconscious through the use of audio – as well
as through visual stimulation – is a much more recent discovery.

4 How Does Subliminal Persuasion Work?

It retrains your subconscious mind. When our subconscious programming is positive,
our outlook on life is positive. Likewise, if our mind is filled with negative
thoughts and notions, so is our outlook. Simply put, as adults, we have the opportunity
to willfully make positive changes in our lives. We hold the key and it is soley
up to us.

5 What Is Self-Hypnosis?

Any of various conditions that resembles sleep, or deep relaxation, as induced
by oneself. Because the subconscious mind never sleeps, a series of suggestions
can bring about a pleasant state of deep relaxation (or light hypnosis).

6 What Is The Benefit Of Using These Technologies Together?

Through numerous years of careful study
and development, it has been found that combining self-hypnosis and subliminal persuasion provides
one of the most effective personal motivation and improvement tools available
today. This mind technology, if used as instructed, can help you in achieving
the desired behavioral modifications.

7 Who Is Robert Siegel And What Are His Credentials?

Robert Siegel, the voice and author of the hypnosis tracks on the CD’s available on this site, is a renowned
hypnotist and published author. He has created a series of hypnotic recordings which irresistably lure the listener on a journey inwards… to the metaphorical realms of the unconscious mind. Using tales and legends compiled from the world’s ancient cultures, the listener’s conscious mind becomes effortlessly absorbed in the entrancing narration, the skillful weave of hypnotic language patterns and metaphorical scenarios ensuring that the listener’s unconscious mind receives highly beneficial suggestions for encouraging positive change! Robert’s presentation is one of the magical storyteller – entertaining, captivating and mesmerizing. Included are all the ideal components for creating in the listener numerous potentials for learning and change. These programs are not the ‘run of the mill’ standardized processes that seem to proliferate; instead they enhance Robert’s status as a highly talented and creative hypnotic author.

8 When Can I Use These Programs?

The subliminal CD programs are designed so that they can be used anywhere and at any
time you choose. You can listen while at work, during play or when exercising. WARNING: You should not use them when operating machinery, a vehicle or at other times when you need to maintain awakened consciousness. They can become a pleasant background
to your daily activities. The more often you use them, the more effective they
can become.

They introduce sounds of the ocean – blended with gentle, soothing,
uninterrupted music. The subliminal affirmations are recorded just below your conscious level of
awareness, yet at a point where it reaches effectively into your subconscious

The affirmations themselves, are a series of carefully researched words and phrases,
constructed into sentences and paragraphs, designed to stimulate the behavioral
change you desire. Consciously, you will hear only the music blended audio. However,
your subconscious will register the positive subliminal messages recorded beneath
these relaxing sounds.

The hypnosis and/or subliminal programs, should be played at a time during
the day when you can fully relax. This will provide you with the most benefit and most likely allow
you to drift into a deepened state of relaxation (light hypnosis) – or even natural
sleep. This is an acceptable state because your subconscious mind never sleeps.

Playing this program several
times a week, while in a relaxing atmosphere, is important. During these sessions, your conscious mind
will be saturated with the same suggestions that your subconscious mind has absorbed while using the
subliminal program.

Using this paired combination will help you balance and coordinate
the activities of your conscious and subconscious mind, creating a unity of thought
and action – a component necessary to achieving success. WARNING: Do not use
the hypnosis program when driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery or at other times when you need to maintain awakened consciousness.

9 How Do I Use These Programs?

First, listen to the self-hypnosis program. Do so while sitting in a comfortable
position in a place and at a time when you are not likely to fall asleep and
when you are not likely to be distracted.

Never use this program when driving
a vehicle, operating heavy machinery or when you need to remain fully alert.
You will find that the self-hypnosis scripting allows you to fully relax and takes your mind deeply into an optimised state ready for the next track – the subliminal track.

Secondly, begin listening to the subliminal program – as often as you wish and
as many times (per day) as is convenient. The positive suggestions/affirmations
recorded within the subliminal program are couched in such a way as to manifest within your subconscious the desired effects you require – with the addition of specially
blended music. This program can be used anywhere at any time desired.

At bedtime, listen to the self-hypnosis program. Playing the program at this
time may assist you in deep, natural and restful sleep. Should you fall asleep
during the program, you can still receive and benefit from program in its entirety.
Remember, the subconscious mind never sleeps.

Thirdly, listen to the ‘silent’ program. Our Law of Attraction Master Silent Audio Track addresses the fundamental negative belief system that most people have. That is, thay fail to believe that what they focus on they materialise. By ‘listening’ to this track repeatedly you will ‘silently’ install the subconscious belief that what you focus on YOU will materialise.

Continue to follow this sequence for at least 30 days – even when you feel you
have achieved your goal or are not aware of changes taking place. It will take
time to counteract and alter past behavioral patterns and to reinforce new behavior
until it becomes second nature.

Each of these programs has been carefully researched
and designed to help you change your life. Used as instructed – an hour
per day, whenever possible – and for a minimum of 30 days. While everyone is
different, you may begin to experience change within as little as a few days.
Most will notice changes in the first two to four weeks.

10 How Do I Know These Programs Will Work?

Each of these products was created and designed to address a specific problem
– or area of concern – from personal experiences, recommendations from professional
practitioners and people who use our programs. Each program script is designed
to stimulate your mind – to use and guide itself.

Only you can make the motivational
decision to change, modify, or improve some aspect of your life. These programs
are retraining tools to assist you. It is your mind and thoughts that make up
your world – your being. If you identify what it is in your life that you
want to change or improve and are committed to the effort, then the use of these
Subliminal Persuasion/Self-Hypnosis programs can serve as effective tools in
the assistance of achieving that change.

We believe the hypnosis programs that Robert has created
are a simple, easy, inexpensive way to help you achieve the changes you desire.
Your motivation, plus the use of these sublimnal products, can result in your successful attainment
of mind over matter!

11 What Is Different About The Subliminal Programs You Offer Compared To Other Programs
On The Market?

There are several unique and distinct characteristics
that differ us from most subliminal programs available today:

We are pioneers in integrating the technologies of self-hypnosis
and subliminal persuasion. With over 15 years of experience – and over 100 program
recordings – we have become one of the top expert authorities in the field.

We have carefully developed hypnosis and subliminal program scripts using the latest breakthrough discoveries. All positive suggestions/affirmations are constructed in complete sentences, not in single words that are repetitively “peppered” throughout the recording.

All of the positive suggestions/affirmations that are blended into the subliminal
portion of the program, are recorded at REAL TIME speed, not at a highly-accelerated
speed where continuous repetition and mutiple layering is a common standard practice.

All subliminal tracks or recordings are accompanied by a self-hypnosis track
or recording. This allows for the integration of two separate technologies and insures that each individual using the program is exposed to the maximum benefit from BOTH technologies. Also we include a ‘silent’ track for even deeper internalisation of the removal of fundamental negative beliefs systems.

12 What is your Return Policy?

We feel strongly about the quality of our products – both
in the materials used and the program content. As a result, we offer the following

If for any reason you are not happy then we offer a 100% refund policy – no questions asked.
It is that

3 – Step Induction System™ Subliminal CDs

Q. What makes your CDs so special from the rest?

A. Our CDs are hand-sculptured by our studio experts to create the best possible recording just for you. We also incorporate our exclusive 3 – Step Induction System™, combining multiple high-success methods of delivering subliminal messages direct to the subconscious mind. No other subliminal CD producer provides this.

That’s why our subliminal CDs beat the rest. They actually work. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee also means you can try us out for yourself, without any risk.

Q. Who developed the 3 – Step Induction System™?

A. The 3 – Step Induction System™ was developed by subliminal guru Steve Cload, who exclusively licensed the technology to Silent Learning.

This technology was utilized by our studio experts to create our exciting collection of subliminal CDs. These are ONLY available to purchase from our web site at They are not available in the shops – anywhere.

Q. Where can I listen to affirmations used on the subliminal CDs?

A. You will not be able to hear the affirmations on the subliminal tracks of the actual CD recording. They are sent as subliminal messages. But you will hear the complete audio transcript used on the BE RELAXED NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Program™.

Q. How long will it take for my CD to arrive?

A. We ship out your CD within 2 to 3 working days from receiving your order. If you live in Europe, you should receive your CD within a week. If you live overseas, it can take two to three weeks to arrive at your door.

If your CD does not arrive within four weeks within the Europe, or six weeks internationally, we’ll ship you another free of charge.

Q. Tell me about your 100% satisfaction guarantee!

A. It’s simple! If you’re not totally satisfied with your subliminal CD, simply return it to us for a complete refund of your purchase price. There are no questions asked and we don’t charge any shipping, packaging or restocking fees. AGAIN: if you’re not happy, you get all your money back. Simple.

Q. Who can I contact to ask further questions?

A. If you have further questions, or need support in using your CD collection, then we’re always at hand to help. You can contact us at any time of the day or night through our dedicated support helpdesk. Simply send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer your query within one working day. Easy!

Q. How long are the recordings

A. The SleepTech recording is approximatley 33 minutes long as is meant to be played repeatedly using the repeat function located on many CD players either during the day or during the night when you are asleep.

Q. What is contained on the recordings

A. The SleepTech recordings are mostly silent, with a cue tone and then affirmations read out at specific intervals during the night. The cue is to condition your mind to pay attention to the coming affirmations. The affirmations are audible and the track does not contain any subliminal messages or brain wave entrainment.

Q. Will this disturb my sleep patterns.

A. You should set the volume for playback at a comfortable level so as not to wake you. It is not necessary to ‘hear’ these tracks as the subconscious will hear them for you.

Q. What is the first track for and what is NLP Hypnosis.

A. The first track is for people who may find it difficult to fall asleep and/or need to relax. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Please see the site for more details.

Q. Do I need a special kind of CD player.

A. No – but you will need a more modern one that is capable of playing track repeat. This is the basis of our ADS (Affirmation Delivery System). Most new CD players now have this facility.

Q. What is your refund policy.

A. We have a 100% full refund policy for unhappy customers. It’s as simple as that.

Q. Are there any specials instructions required.

A. No – you only have to follow the extremely simple instructions on the introduction track and press play.

Q. Do you have any other titles available and/or do you make custom tracks for people.

A. We are always willing to entertain new title possibilities and can quote for an individual project. Please contact us.

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