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Speak a NEW LANGUAGE within 30 days. No Pens, No Paper, No Homework, No Memorizing.

You can rapidly learn ANY NEW language.

Numerous studies have revealed that in every country, native-speakers use only about 850 distinct words on a daily basis. Studying these language building blocks is the key to rapid assimilation and internalization of any new language. With this approach, it’s not how many words you know, but rather, which words you can use.

Just 100 words comprise 50% of all words used in conversation in a language.

Learning this core 100 words gets you a long way towards being able to speak in that language, albeit at a basic level.

The 100 basic words used in English conversation are shown below:

1. a, an

51. often

2. after

52. on

3. again

53. one

4. all

54. only

5. almost

55. or

6. also

56. other

7. always

57. our

8. and

58. out

9. because

59. over

10. before

60. people

11. big

61. place

12. but

62. please

13. (I) can

63. same

14. (I) come

64. (I) see

15. either/or

65. she

16. (I) find

66. so

17. first

67. some

18. for

68. sometimes

19. friend

69. still

20. from

70. such

21. (I) go

71. (I) tell

22. good

72. thank you

23. goodbye

73. that

24. happy

74. the

25. (I) have

75. their

26. he

76. them

27. hello

77. then

28. here

78. there is

29. how

79. they

30. I

80. thing

31. (I) am

81. (I) think

32. if

82. this

33. in

83. time

34. (I) know

84. to

35. last

85. under

36. (I) like

86. up

37. little

87. us

38. (I) love

88. (I) use

39. (I) make

89. very

40. many

90. we

41. one

91. what

42. more

92. when

43. most

93. where

44. much

94. which

45. my

95. who

46. new

96. why

47. no

97. with

48. not

98. yes

49. now

99. you

50. of

100. your

By aiming each lesson at teaching you those 850 words, this approach teaches you to speak the most in ANY language in the least amount of time.

This entire approach is what language learning should be: quick, fun, and easy. Many foreign language students have difficulty learning. Their textbooks teach monotonous drills, grammar rules, and random lists of words. But textbooks alone can never bring it all together. Your only real goal in taking any language course is to speak that language naturally with others.

This approach is so effective because it traces how people developed language. Before written history, we had oral history. Most people, even Kings, couldn’t write or read in ancient times. Some people can’t even read today. Most language learning systems fail to acknowledge that writing only exists to represent the words we speak. So you should ask yourself, “Why should I learn to read a language if I can’t even speak it?”

Immediately immerses you in the language to help you grasp the sounds of that language. Amazingly, once you understand the oral patterns, that chaotic, “foreign” sound so common to language learning disappears instantly. You’ll start to recognize words. This approach will help to change your perception within your first 30 minutes

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YOU will learn your new language faster than ever before. Each 850 WORD course will give you the FASTEST way to absorb and internalize a new language.

Remember – No Pens, No Paper, No Homework, No Memorizing.

Just sit back and relax or even go to sleep. In only 15 hours, you’ll know the essential sounds and words in any language. You can practice in your car, on the plane, or on a train. It’s that simple.

These courses are designed specifically to help people like you. People who need to learn foreign languages fast, fluently, and forever.