Music For Accelerated Learning

Music For Accelerated Learning

Music For The Mind

Unleash your true learning capability and enhanced your study environment

Compelling brain research concludes the human brain is an amazing instrument that can be tuned to perform optimally with the right kind of music. Please see our web page on baroque music and super learning.

Music For Accelerated Learning Series™ is a collection of beautifully orchestrated compositions that will resonate with listeners of all levels and enhance their mental performance.

The essential ingredients contained within certain of the baroque period music compositions is the mood and tempo at which various pieces were written.

These essential ingredients are what make ‘super learning’ possible.

We have taken these vital ingredients and created a collection of beautifully orchestrated instrumental compositions which provide you with soothing music designed to not only reduce stress and enhance cognitive functioning but also to improve productivity along with creativity.

These albums are ideal background music for when you are studying or otherwise engaged and want to listen but not ‘listen’. In other words they combine the essential ingredients for which certain baroque music is rightly famous for i.e. they create an enhanced study and learning environment.

60 Beats Per Minute

Music For Accelerated Learning Series™ compositions are based on a tempo of approximately 60 beats per minute, the same tempo as a resting heart rateand baroque music largo movements. This tempo centers and calms us, promoting focused thinking, relaxed alertness, the flow state, and learning.

Now YOU too can utilize the power of music to help with your studies and to promote super learning.

Available nowhere else this unique collection of amazing music is available for immediate download – together with some amazing classical baroque music bonuses!

You can be up and running within minutes listening to award winning music created by an artist that has charted in the Top Ten with Vangelis, Enya, Yanni and George Winston.

In the Zone

8 Tracks

Ideal for…

• Peak Performance

• Enhancing Motivation

• Prolonging Concentration

• Artistic Expression

• Creativity

Total Run Time 34:13

Problem Solving

10 Tracks

Ideal for…

• Mathematics

• Science Labs

• Logical Thinking

• Computer Work and Labs

• Organizing

Total Run Time 60:28

Productive Flow

10 Tracks

Ideal for…

• Completing Tasks

• Enhancing Productivity

• Reaching Goals

• Increasing Output

• Achieving Results

Total Run Time 50:45


10 Tracks

Ideal for…

• Arts and Crafts

• Cooperative Projects

• Boosting Enthusiasm

• Drawing and Painting

• Increasing Creativity

Total Run Time 43:56

Reading & Writing

10 Tracks

Ideal for…

• Reading for Comprehension

• Creative Writing

• Silent Reading

• Journaling

• Poetry

Total Run Time 41:38

Relaxed Alertness

10 Tracks

Ideal for…

• Improving Memory

• Increasing Focus

• Boosting Awareness

• Studying Smarter

• Test-taking

Total Run Time 44:16


Also, as a bonus we offer some amazing classical baroque music pieces that can further unleash your full learning potential.

Bonus Tracks Also Included & Available For Immediate Download

Canon in D Major

Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706)

• Goldberg Variations

(The Complete 32 Variations)

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Sonata for Two Pianos in D, K. 448

(Used in the scientific study of the Mozart Effect)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

• 12 Concerti Grossi, Opus 6

George Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)


20 Tracks in Three Groups

Each group consists of approximately 20 minutes’ adagio movements, and terminates with a faster, more lively movement.

Group A

1 JS Bach – Suite 3 BWV 1068: Air

2 Vivaldi – Guitar Concerto: Largo

3 JS Bach – Clavier Concerto BWV 1056: Largo

4 Albinoni – Oboe Concerto Opus 9/11: Largo

5 Handel – Water Music, Suite 1: Air

6 Vivaldi – Four Seasons, Winter: Adagio

7 Wassenaer – Concerto 4: Adagio-Allegro

Group B

8 JS Bach – 3-Clavier Concerto BWV 1064 flute/violin version: Andante

9 Wassenaer – Concerto 3: Andante

10 Handel – Oboe Concerto 2: Andante

11 Boyce – Concerto Grosso in b: 4th movement

12 Geminiani – Concerto 9: Largo

13 Albinoni – Sonata (Symphony) Op 2/5: Adagio

14 Alessandro Scarlatti – Concerto 4: Allegro

Group C

15 JS Bach – Sonata for Harpsichord & Violin BWV 18: mvt 3

16 Corelli – Concerto Grosso Op 6/12: 3rd movement

17 JS Bach – Clavier Concerto BWV 1058: Adagio

18 Handel – Oboe Concerto 1: Adagio

19 Corelli – Concerto Grosso Op 6/1: 3rd movement

20 Alessandro Scarlatti – Sinfonia 12: Adagio-Allegro

A very special disc created for study, relaxation or meditation. On this disc we have assembled three programs or groups of pieces. Each group consists of approximately 20 minutes’ adagio movements, and terminates with a faster, more lively movement.

Use this CD for superlearning, for meditation, contemplation, relieving stress,

or simply as enjoyable, relaxing listening.

The purpose of this compilation is to induce a state of relaxation, wherein stress is relieved, and the brain is in state receptive to contemplation and learning.

Researchers have found that certain music types ease the brainwaves into the relaxed ‘alpha state’ that is ideal for Superlearning. One form of this superlearning music is the adagio movements of may baroque composers.

The adagio movements are around 40 to 60 beats per minute. In many string concertos and other works, the adagio movements often encapsulate the quintessential thematic and emotional material. However it is their 40-60 beats per minute and slow rhythm that slow body and mind functions and allow an alpha state of mind. This enables one to excel in retention and recall of materials presented in 20 minute intervals. It is also great for relieving stress.

Total Time: 73:49

Don’t hesitate – now is the time to create YOUR super learning study and learning environment and begin to unleash the AMAZING POWER OF MUSIC FOR THE MIND!