Pillow Speakers

Top quality stereo pillow speakers – just $29.95

Looking to start off your sleep learning adventure.

Look no further, we have the best pillow speakers on the market.

Although it is not necessary to use pillow speakers for sleep learning (you can listen using just a normal CD player etc.), it is preferable when others are in the same room.

If this is a consideration, then we offer the best quality stereo pillow speakers available.

Priced at just $29.95 these space age pillow speakers represent fantastic value for money and can be used for relaxing as well as sleep learning.

Made from new space-age foam material, these quality stereo digital pillow speakers, prevent sliding under the pillow, and offer the comfort of private listening without the need for headphones.

Super flat, these pillow speakers slip right under your pillow – or under your sheet and remain totally imperceptible to the touch.

They connect to your tape, CD player or radio/cassette-alarm clock etc., and deliver crystal clear sounds through your pillow.

At safe, intimate volume levels and with the regular mini jack connector (included), like magic, you’ll be surrounded by the sounds or programming of your choice.

Emerging clearly from within your pillow, in absolute comfort, without disturbing others in the same room or resting next to you.

ALL without the need for entangling and uncomfortable headphones!

Listen to subliminal, educational, work, inspirational or motivational tapes or CDs.