Sleep Programming

Sleep Programming

Program Your Mind While You Sleep

The Subconscious Never Sleeps

We all know that a third of our entire lives is spent sleeping.

Although this may seem a waste of time, sleep is essential to function and for life itself. Without it we would simply die.

So far from being a waste of time it is in fact crucial.

However, research has shown that although the conscious mind requires sleep the subconscious in fact never sleeps.

Being able to harness this fact for our own betterment could be a major breakthrough in human evolvement.

Sleep programming is a relatively new concept but it is proving to be very popular in our overly stressed hurried modern lifestyle.

Apart from the desire to have a solid good night’s sleep people are realising that their subconscious appreciates calming music and perhaps this time could also be used to help them reprogram their minds.

Programming your mind whilst you sleep is an intriguing and potentially amazing tool for self improvement and personal growth.

Sleep makes up one third of our entire life.
It is an essential component of being alive. Without it we cannot function correctly and in extreme cases we can even die.

Part of our biological makeup it provides an important chance for the body to rest and the mind to backup and reset itself ready for a new day.

Research has shown that sleep is much more complicated than at first seems.
Periods of NON-REM sleep are followed by REM sleep in a cyclic pattern throughout the night.

What also has been discovered is that whilst consciousness shuts down the subconscious is still aware at some level.

This is perhaps because of survival instincts that have protected us in moments of danger through evolution.

The fact is this. Sleep represents an amazing opportunity to bypass the filter of the conscious mind allowing us direct access to that subconscious portion of our selves that seems to control many aspects of our behaviour without us being totally aware if it.

Sleep programming is set to take advantage of this and to potentially allow us to reprogram the mind.

The human mind like modern computers runs internal programs.

Of course these are much more numerous and far more complicated but essentially a human mind is a set of interacting software programs that allow us to survive prosper and procreate to perpetuate the system.

But just like modern machines they sometimes lock up, malfunction or persist in repeating unproductive patterns of behavior.

Re-programming our self while we sleep is a great chance to bypass the blocks and barriers set by the conscious mind to find the problems and rectify them.

Much like booting in safe mode sleep programming is like shutting down all non essential operations so we can troubleshoot the problem and if necessary uninstall rogue programs or fixed small errors in the registry etc. etc.

Sleep programming is a fascinating subject and there is no doubt that future findings we eventually help to unlock all the hidden mysteries of the human mind and it’s abilities.