Japanese Learn English While You Sleep

Japanese Learn English While You Sleep


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Japanese – Learn English While You Sleep

Japanese to English

For Your Ears Only – Learn like a Spy


Speak English within 30 days. No Pens, No Paper, No Homework, No Memorising.

You can rapidly learn English or ANY NEW language.

Just 100 words comprise 50% of all words used in conversation in a language.

Learning this core 100 words gets you a long way towards being able to speak in that language, albeit at a basic level.

The 100 basic words used in English conversation are shown below:

1. a, an51. often
2. after52. on
3. again53. one
4. all54. only
5. almost55. or
6. also56. other
7. always57. our
8. and58. out
9. because59. over
10. before60. people
11. big61. place
12. but62. please
13. (I) can63. same
14. (I) come64. (I) see
15. either/or65. she
16. (I) find66. so
17. first67. some
18. for68. sometimes
19. friend69. still
20. from70. such
21. (I) go71. (I) tell
22. good72. thank you
23. goodbye73. that
24. happy74. the
25. (I) have75. their
26. he76. them
27. hello77. then
28. here78. there is
29. how79. they
30. I80. thing
31. (I) am81. (I) think
32. if82. this
33. in83. time
34. (I) know84. to
35. last85. under
36. (I) like86. up
37. little87. us
38. (I) love88. (I) use
39. (I) make89. very
40. many90. we
41. one91. what
42. more92. when
43. most93. where
44. much94. which
45. my95. who
46. new96. why
47. no97. with
48. not98. yes
49. now99. you
50. of100. your

Numerous studies have revealed that in every country, native-speakers use only about 850 distinct words on a daily basis. Studying these language building blocks is the key to rapid assimilation and internalization of any new language. With this approach, it’s not how many words you know, but rather, which words you can use.

Learn Basic English

In Just 850 Words

Created by linguist and philosopher Charles Kay Ogden Basic English is a simplified subset of regular English that is easy to learn and allows you to fully express and speak to native English speakers and be fully understood.

It consist of just 850 words that can be used to say EVERYTHING in English e.g. click here to read the whole Bible in 850 basic English words or take a look at The complete ABC of Basic English online at Ogden Basic English.

Imagine learning just 850 words and being able to
speak English fluently

By aiming each lesson at teaching you those 850 words, this approach teaches you to speak the most in ANY language in the least amount of time.

This entire approach is what language learning should be: quick, fun, and easy. Many foreign language students have difficulty learning. Their textbooks teach monotonous drills, grammar rules, and random lists of words. But textbooks alone can never bring it all together. Your only real goal in taking any language course is to speak that language naturally with others.

This approach is so effective because it traces how people developed language. Before written history, we had oral history. Most people, even Kings, couldn’t write or read in ancient times. Some people can’t even read today. Most language learning systems fail to acknowledge that writing only exists to represent the words we speak. So you should ask yourself, “Why should I learn to read a language if I can’t even speak it?”

Immediately immerses you in the language to help you grasp the sounds of that language.

Amazingly, once you understand the oral patterns, that chaotic, “foreign” sound so common to language learning disappears instantly. You’ll start to recognize words. This approach will help to change your perception within your first 30 minutes.

Japanese to English

The Smart Choice

Each Japanese to English Course contains:

850 of the most IMPORTANT WORDS in English.

Everything you need to get started



Teaches you to speak the most in ANY language in the least amount of time.

Both AUDIO and SILENT TECHNOLOGY versions available

All Our Language CD’s Use:

Baroque Music

The Bulgarian physician Georgi Lozanov devised a language learning method called Suggestopedia. The Suggestopedic method consists in exposing the student to an audition of pairs of items, following a certain rhythmic pattern.

At the same time, instrumental Baroque music in Largo tempo (60 beats per minute) is played back.This kind of soothing, rhythmic music is intended for inducing a state of relaxed alertness on the learner. This method is supposed to improve recall performance by at least 25%

Experiments by Lozanov and his successors in both Europe and America showed that Baroque works are best as they are often made up of regular patterns i.e. rhythmic and melodic variations on a theme, following a somewhat mathematical pattern. Only instrumental music (i.e. string orchestras) should be used as voices (even choirs) and instruments standing out against the orchestra are likely to distract the student. Ideally, the orchestra must have a neutral color (the same instruments be played throughout the work).

Brain Wave Entrainment

Certain brain states are associated with enhanced learning. Brain wave entrainment is a simple technique where the brain can be artificially induced into a particular brain state using special audio frequencies.

When signals of two different audio frequencies are presented, one to each ear, the brain detects a phase differences between these signals and a perceptual integration of the two signals takes place, producing the sensation of a third “beat” frequency. This third “beat” frequency “entrains” the brain into the correct brain wave state associated with improved learning ability.

YOU will learn English faster than ever before. Each 850 WORD course will give you the FASTEST way to absorb

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