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Imagine the doors that would open if you carried yourself with the confidence of a seasoned professional. The “NLP Be More Confident” program is your secret weapon to boosting your self-esteem and unlocking your full potential. With proven neuro-linguistic programming techniques, you’ll learn how to shed self-doubt and embrace a confident new you.

Whether it’s nailing that job interview, giving a compelling presentation, or simply feeling more assured in social situations, this comprehensive program guides you along the journey of self-improvement. Turn your aspirations into achievements and make your dreams come true with unwavering confidence!

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Wouldn’t it be great to have more confidence


and make your dreams come true!


The second track is subliminal in nature and contains your choice of life enhancing and dynamically powerful subliminal messages, digitally encoded to install below the threshold of conscious perception. Throughout you’ll be presented with pure subliminal messages. These are layered through different channels (please see details here) with our specially designed and unique masking tracks containing real recorded ocean waves together with an outstanding inspirational music composition – to create the ultimate in powerful subliminal messages delivered direct to your subconscious brain. Unique to us and not found or sold anywhere else is our guarantee that these subliminal messages can be reversed engineered for your peace of mind – if ever you so choose (please see details here). Discover the power to change your mind and change your life – forever!

Soar through space and time and transport your SELF to that place where the law of attraction just works. This amazing track will blow your mind literally. Changing your very being. It a must listen to and focuses on the Law of Attraction. Our Law of Attraction Master track addresses the fundamental negative belief system that most people have. That is, they fail to believe that what they focus on they materialize. By ‘listening’ to this track repeatedly you will ‘silently’ install the subconscious belief that what you focus on YOU WILL MATERIALIZE.

For the first time ever you have the most powerful tool ever created to bring about long lasting and effective personal change. Three products in one!!!

Be fortified with tremendous resources of confident energy

Sense your new positive expectancy – the exhilarating, liberating feeling that you can create the life you always dreamed!

Confidence… that comfortable freedom to simply be yourself – absolutely certain that’s plenty good enough! That warm reassuring feeling that in this life you can achieve pretty much as you please! That you can do whatever necessary to achieve your dreams!

Sure, we’ve all been mystified, one time or another, with conflicting beliefs. Maybe, when you were a child, some ‘authority’ figure ridiculed, embarrassed or scolded you. And you took that criticism too much to heart, as children are inclined to do. You might even have heard sayings such as:

“You’re not good enough” or “You’re not smart enough” – maybe, “You’ll never be able to…” or “You’ll never amount to anything.”

NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Programs™

Each NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Program combines the pioneering, deeper learning strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming with the ancient wisdom of many religious, philosophical and mystical traditions – and has been intricately conceived to liberate the positive, life-transforming energy of your deeper mind!

However unreliable the source, and no matter how misconceived these disparaging remarks may have been, they may still be making you feel even today, a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Furthermore, although others may have been too ready to criticize in the past, you yourself may find fault with many things you do. So enough criticism already!

‘The program Be Confident was truly a peak experience for me – catapulting me up to another plane of existence! I feel transformed! I don’t remember ever feeling so energized at such a high level for such a long period of time. Truly a heart opening experience!

I always felt that I understood the concept of personal power, but after listening to your program, I now see that my understanding was purely intellectual. I’m now experiencing the literal meaning, that feeling of confidence and expanded opportunities not seen before. Those things that I thought wouldn’t be possible (amongst other things) too dangerous, are now solidly within the realm of possibility. Now I know I can do them!

The program really touched my life in a personal and positive way. I have more energy and my uplifting outlook on life has affected those around me, most of all my family. I want to tell the world and share my excitement! 99.9% of mankind needs to listen to this!’

C. L. – Phoenix, Arizona

The BE CONFIDENT program summons forth the renewing Life Force inside you – enlightening you with a thoroughly wholesome self-image – shining through and vaporizing whatever has mystified, might have once limited you in the past. And your new confident beliefs so inviting, so magnetic, sense a magical force inside fortifying you with tremendous resources of enthusiasm and optimism!

Silent Technology™

a new revolution in subconscious programming technology.

Concentration not required! Play in background, While sleeping, Relaxing or Working! No special equipment needed. Any CD home player, walkman, stereo, mono earphones, pillow speakers, O.K.

Now, any life-challenges are simply your invitation to become stronger and more resourceful in your solutions. Sure, like everyone else, you may make mistakes along the way – but now these hardly touch your fundamental core of inner belief, instead you recognize they are your opportunities to learn more! For within you lies an indomitable spirit – the resolute absolute faith that you are the predominant creator of your life, your confident energy drawing to you energy of a similar nature, drawing to you the very people and opportunities to make your dreams your new reality! Release the infinite magic within you – and make your dreams come true!

What you will Receive

All our CDs are produced and printed to the highest quality. They are manufactured to high-quality specifications and are printed in full colour directly onto the disc.

Each of our CDs has over 60 min’s of total recording time. Each of the 2 tracks combine to give you both a high quality listening experience making this one of the most powerful inner transformation tools that has ever been available.

‘I think your Confidence program is the most fantastic higher consciousness tool I’ve ever come across. I listened to it because I’ve suffered from a low self-esteem regarding jobs, relationships, money etc. I felt I was a victim, and didn’t have anything to do with making a better life for myself. Things just happened to me.

When I first experienced your program, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was undergoing some kind of inner transformation. Gradually, I began to feel a new role of being stronger and more powerful, and more able to create my own life.

I now face the future with confidence and a positive outlook I haven’t had for a long time. I’m more “centered” and focused about what I want. Thank you for giving me the tool that has replaced doubt with confidence and hope. You provide worthwhile self-esteem to those who truly need it. I will use this tool and believe in it always.’

A.W. – Rochester, New York

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