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Unlock the power of your mind and enhance your golf game while you sleep. Play Better Golf Sleep Hypnosis is designed for those who understand that golf is not just a physical challenge, but a mental one as well. Every golfer knows the sweet spot of being “in the groove,” effortlessly sinking shots and mastering the fairway. But what if you could access that state of flow more consistently? Imagine waking up from a deep, restorative sleep feeling mentally prepared to face the greens with a calm, focused mindset.

With this sleep hypnosis audio, you can train your brain to remain composed and in control, smoothing out those frustrating fluctuations in your game. Let’s face it, golf can be a humbling sport, but with the right mental preparation, those elusive purple patches can become the new norm. Don’t let the mental hurdles of golf keep you from excelling. Embrace the power of hypnosis to maintain your peak performance, shot after shot.

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Play Better Golf Sleep Hypnosis CD

All our Sleep Hypnosis CDs have been specially formulated to be listened to awake or asleep. Ideally they should be listened to at bed time when the user can fall asleep as they listen.

These special Cds cannot be found elsewhere and ARE the latest in personal transformation.

Fed Up With Your Golf

I don’t really need to let you know that golf really is a mental game. It is also a very humbling one too. I am sure you have experienced those amazing purple patches when anything you do seems to come off. You just seem to be in the groove and then… bam… you lose it… seemingly.

Trying too hard can be one of the worst tactics to use. Then of course there can be the YIPS. Well, self hypnosis is ideal for helping your mental game. You may be surprised to discover how many sportsmen and women use improvement techniques like self hypnosis. Now you can join these professionals and improve your game.

Even if you only want to improve your game and your handicap this Play Better Golf Hypnosis CD may be what you have been waiting for. One thing is for sure, being more relaxed when playing and wanting to improve your golf becomes easier when you feel more relaxed.

Golf Is A 90% Mental Game – Learn How To Play

Are you tired of having the highest score on the golf course

Have you spent hundreds of dollars on lessons

Would you love to have the lowest score on the course for a change

Do you spend hours on the course and are still unable to lower your score? It can be extremely frustrating when everyone you play with seems to get better and you don’t.

Wouldn’t it be nice to lower your golf score by at least 5 points and not even have to practice to do it

You can spend hundreds of dollars on lessons, new clubs, and videos that show you how to work on your swing and still be left unhappy. If you spend hours on the range smacking balls, just to perfect your swing – you don’t have to!

After slicing and hooking the ball, making fat shots and dealing with your ballooning scores, your self confidence takes a hard hit. You may want to give up the game that you love, just to escape the embarrassment.

Once the frustration sets in, there seems to be no escape, you can end up at the green making 20 and 30 putts – getting more and more frustrated with each one.

The real reason for your failure on the course

Your subconscious mind can create mental blocks for you, allowing a negative mind set to overpower a positive one. With the stress that the golf game can create, you only end up feeding this negativity throughout your game. You can watch your score increase and become so overwhelmed by your failure – that is all you know.

Wouldn’t it be nice to unblock the negative and unleash the positive within your game and learn the techniques that the pros use to get the lowest score on the course

Give yourself the confidence to hit long and straight balls, every time! Amaze your buddies with the under par holes you complete and watch them envy you with the birdies and eagle shots. Where they used to tease you and enjoy feeding your anger, now they will be only left with envy and jealousy of your relaxed and confident state and shots.

You could be winning tournaments and enjoying the taste of victory – so what is holding you back

Golf is a sport that is 90% mental, you have to feel confident, you have to concentrate, and you have to be able to play the game without distraction. For most of us, our daily lives alone can create many distractions in our minds, cause us not to be able to concentrate, and cause us to lose both our focus and our confidence.

You can learn the techniques to a flawless game, with out effort and without practice

You heard that right – better golf – no practice! By simply listening to our one hour long hypnosis CD you can regain your confidence in your game, become clear and able to concentrate on the tricky shots and have no fear of missing the ball, chipping the ground, or missing a short putt.

You will be confident that you will hit the ball straight and long down the fairway, no fear of water hazards or sand traps. You will know that when you hit the ball that it will go where you want it to. What confidence you will have when you bring home a trophy or two. Impress your buddies on the course and most of all – impress yourself!

How nice will it be to just enjoy the game you love so much again.

With the help of this hypnosis CD you can begin to experience a life of confidence and relaxation. Your golf game will improve dramatically and you will be astounded by the results. You will be influencing your subconscious mind to believe in you. Your belief system is the key to your ability to play great golf and your belief system is held deep in your subconscious mind.

If you believe you can be a great golfer even when you take an odd bad shot then you will have begun to realize that the negative effects your subconscious mind has over your game and your life can be counteracted by using that same subconscious mind to boost your confidence and to master the art of not only golf but of life itself.

You are required only to listen to the hypnosis Cd – you will not be required to put forth any other effort. You will not be sedated or rendered unconscious and the Cd will speak directly to your subconscious while you are completely awake.

You will immediately feel the relaxation, the stress will begin to leave your body and then you are ready for change.

This hypnosis Cd is designed to eliminate the fear and anxiety that comes with playing golf, the overwhelming feeling of failure that you feel when you miss a shot – gone.

You will play “in the zone” at all times and have an unfair advantage over your opponents. The pros use this technique during tournaments, they know that golf is a mental game; they prepare and ready their minds for the course ahead.

So with the knowledge that you can win tournaments, play a better golf game every time, and start enjoying the game again – what’s stopping you.

There is no practice involved, no lengthy videos for you to watch and no need to spend hours at the golfing range, you simply insert a Cd and listen – that’s it.

See the course for what it is, a well thought out field that requires strategy and confidence to overtake. Have the ability to think clearly and the confidence that is needed to strategize your actions and effectively control your game.

Spend an hour in your favorite chair instead of at the golf range and feel and see the difference that it can make in your next game. You will be amazed – your buddies astounded – and finally you will again enjoy your day on the golf course!

What you will Receive

All our CDs are produced and printed to the highest quality. They are manufactured to high-quality specifications and are printed in full colour directly onto the disc.

Each of our CDs has over 60 min’s of total recording time. Each of the 2 tracks combine to give you both a high quality listening experience making this one of the most powerful inner transformation tools that has ever been available.

See sample below:

Play samples of our MindSoft™ Hypnosis CD

Track one (20 min’s)Super Learning NLP MetaVision™ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Hypnosis MetaVision™ Program, combines the pioneering, deeper learning strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. This recording irresistibly lures the listener on a journey inwards… to the metaphorical realms of the unconscious mind. The listener’s conscious mind becomes effortlessly absorbed in the entrancing narration, the skillful weave of hypnotic language patterns and metaphorical scenarios ensuring that the listener’s unconscious mind receives highly beneficial suggestions for encouraging positive change! This track is extremely powerful on it’s own and utilises the most fundamental maxims for subconscious life changing events – relaxation.

This track is audible and takes your mind deeply into a relaxed state – ready for the next track.

Track two (40 min’s)Play Better Golf MindSoft™ Hypnosis

The second track utilizes the latest techniques in hypnosis. MindSoft ™ is a new revolution in subconscious programming technology. Utilizes the ability of the subconscious to absorb what the conscious will not or cannot, to offer an effective and powerful new way to communicate with our inner-selves. And all without effort on your part.

You can now BE SURE that you are receiving your DAILY DOSE of re-programming for a new future.

Whether it is excessive stress, back pain, weight or allergies or other issues, these super hypnotic recordings by leading hypnotist Randy Charach can really help you.

Randy Charach, is a Canadian Hypnotist with over 20 years experience in the field.

Randy has hypnotised the likes of John Travolta, Tony Curtis, Sean Penn and many others from all walks of life. His satisfied clients also include many well-known corporations. He has performed for companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney, IBM and Xerox, and many, many other satisfied clients.

Now for the FIRST TIME EVER, you too can take advantage of his amazing ability to re-programme negative mind sets and install new empowering hard-wired mental circuitry deep in YOUR subconscious mind. All at a fraction of the normal price. Order today and change tomorrow!

For the first time ever you have the most powerful tool ever created to bring about long lasting and effective personal change. Discover the power to change your mind and change your life – forever!

Amazing MindSoft™ Hypnosis CDs that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Wish you could reprogram your mind like software engineers reprogram computers? – NOW YOU CAN!

With our unique self-help MindSoft™ hypnosis CDs you can start making deep internal changes to your life today!

Commit to change. Act today. Effectively and easily transform your core inner beliefs and create long lasting changes that dramatically improve the quality of your life. Guaranteed!

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