Siesta Spanish

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Siesta Spanish is an sleep learning audio program that teaches you the 100 most important words used everday by Spanish speaking people. Using just 630 key Spanish sentences you will absorb the essence of Spanish sounds, words & GRAMMAR. (7 hours total playing time)

Instead of trying to remember thousands of unconnected words and grammar rules you simply listen to these key sentences and magically absorb the essentials of everyday Spanish.

It’s Spanish Fast & Easy.

Start speaking Spanish today because LESS IS MORE!


Siesta Spanish

630 Specially Crafted Sentences To Absorb The Grammar Of The 100 Most Frequently Spoken Words In Every Day Spanish

Listen Whilst Working Relaxing Or Even Sleeping To Internalize The Sounds, Words & Grammar That Will Allow You To Make Rapid Progress Towards Speaking Spanish Today!

Spanish Key

Struggling To Learn Spanish Is Demoralising. You Need Help!

Our Revolutionary New System Puts Learning Spanish On Auto-Pilot

All You Really Have To Do Is Listen

You can listen in the background whilst you are working, playing, relaxing and even when sleeping.

Our program is designed to be absorbed subconsciously. Without you making too much effort.

Specially selected words that are used by everyone, everyday to communicate have been collected into 630 essential Spanish sentences that subconsciously teach how Spanish is constructed and spoken.

Learn these 630 special sentences and internalise not only the sounds, words and grammar but also how real Spanish people speak in everyday situations.

The grammar you absorb will allow you to effortlessly construct new sentences and new meanings.

Later, when you add one more word to your vocabulary you will easily be able to incorporate that word into what you already know and use it correctly when speaking to Spanish people.

If you have tried learning Spanish before but failed, you will know how difficult it is to learn a new language.

Using our system you give yourself the very best chance to reverse this trend and gain momentum in your Spanish understanding and communication.

Try it today and see for yourself how learning a new foreign language does not have to be so difficult or hard.

Whatever you decide we wish you the best in your Spanish language studies and hope you will be speaking Spanish soon.


Four Products In One

1. Siesta Spanish (1h.45m)

The original 630 sentences using the most common and useful Spanish words used in every day conversational Spanish. These sentences are not just any sentences. They have been specially chosen and formulated to impart not only the essential sound, words and meanings but also to ingrain how Spanish grammar works without you even realising it.

2. Siesta Spanish (7 Tracks)
The above same content but split into 7 more easily absorbed Spanish lessons. For those times when you want to concentrate and listen to just a smaller subset of sentences and words.

3. Siesta Spanish Brainwave Entrainment
This includes brainwave entrainment embedded into the background music to syncronize your brain to the optimal brainwave state for long term internalisation and learning.

4. Siesta Spanish Silent Subliminal
Using state of the art audio technology we have processed the audio to make it ‘silent’. This is a patented process and you can read more about it on this website or even take a look at the original patent online. Suffice to say that even though you will not be able to hear the recording you can easily check in a spectrum analyser that the audio signal is exactly the same as the original. Truly a revolution in audio and learning.

Total Playing Time 7 Hours

Immediate Download

On purchase you will be sent an email with the download links. Please make sure you have a good connection as these are 4 fairly large audio files that are zipped for faster download.
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