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Unlock the potential of your subconscious mind with our Stop Smoking Sleep Hypnosis. This breakthrough audio program is designed for those who have faced the uphill battle of quitting smoking and are seeking an alternative method that speaks to the deeper parts of the mind. Say goodbye to traditional, ineffective techniques and embrace the transformative power of hypnosis. As you drift into a restful sleep, let the gentle, persuasive voice guide you towards a smoke-free life. Embrace the freedom and health benefits that come with releasing the hold of nicotine, and wake up feeling refreshed and empowered to start anew. Are you ready to experience the change you’ve been longing for? Try Stop Smoking Sleep Hypnosis tonight.

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Stop Smoking Sleep Hypnosis CD

All our Sleep Hypnosis CDs have been specially formulated to be listened to awake or asleep. Ideally they should be listened to at bed time when the user can fall asleep as they listen.

These special Cds cannot be found elsewhere and ARE the latest in personal transformation.

Smoking – Time to Quit

Although it is said it is never to late to quit smoking, it is better to stop smoking before you get some life-threatening illness then afterwards.

Believe it or not stopping smoking is the easier choice to make than not smoking. What would you rather choose to have cancer, bronchitis or a healthy life.

Do you feel like everyone is looking at you when you go outside to light up. Smokers have been slowly pushed out of the mainstream society, with many states placing bans on smoking in public places. Are you feeling like an outcast.

When you stand next to someone in the elevator, do you feel like you smell. Cigarette smoke can make you smell and the smell stays in your hair and on your clothes.

Your smile is not as bright as it once was either, it now adorns yellow nicotine stained teeth.

Do You Need To Quit Smoking

Are you having trouble breathing. Do you feel worn out just by climbing one flight of stairs. Smoking can really take a toll on your body. You feel tired and worn out all the time and do not have the energy to participate in life. While life passes you by, you are hovering under a make shift shelter to get out of the wind so you can light your cigarette.

Your doctor may have given you the low down on your health, letting you know you need to quit smoking or you will die. But even knowing that your health is diminishing, you still light up – why. With the news that you are at risk for heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and emphysema, why is it important to have that cigarette.

Studies have shown that even when someone is told they are going to die, they will not quit smoking, they say it is too hard, they cant quit, they are addicted. Are cigarettes really worth dying for.

The power that we allow cigarettes to have over our lives is astounding. You may have tried many different methods to quit smoking and were unsuccessful. Millions of people try to quit smoking each year and millions of them fail, but also many people do succeed. Have you tried the ways that allow you to fail and are now ready to find out what works.

Failing Methods to Quit Smoking

Cold Turkey

Cutting Down

Chewing Gum

Wearing Patches

Would You Love To Quit Smoking

Wouldn’t it be nice to get control of your life back. It would feel amazing to walk in an elevator and not feel self conscious that people maybe able to smell that you smoke. No more seeing the looks on people faces as they snub you for the smell that is lodged in your hair and clothes. Not to mention the inconveniences that were placed upon you as a smoker would be gone for good. No more walking outside in the rain or freezing cold in the middle of a dinner to light up. You can sit and enjoy a meal or a movie with your family and not have to be excused.

There are so many benefits to gain from quitting smoking and so many things that you will be able to do and enjoy again!

Take a walk

Ride a bike

Participate in sports

Play with your children

Have whiter teeth

Enjoy better sex

Taste foods as they were meant to taste

Breathe better

Feel better

Live longer

You can have all those things again and enjoy life at its fullest. You have the control over your own life and are in charge of your own destiny. So you have to ask yourself – do you want to continue to smoke.

If you truly do not want to smoke and believe that it is ruining your life then ask yourself why you continue to do so. The answer of course is that it is an addiction right. You do not have control over it, it has control over you.

But you can take back control. You want to make the decisions in your life, so just do it!

Habits are formed deep in our subconscious mind and it is very difficult at times to tackle them and win. We may feel that we have taken control only for the subconscious to begin the habit again.

You have to learn to unlock what is hidden in the subconscious and hypnosis is the key.

If you want to begin the battle against your addiction and free your mind from the prison it has created for itself, then hypnosis is a great place to start. You can effortlessly listen to this Stop Smoking Hypnosis Cd and take back control over your mind.

You simply listen and you will immediately feel the pressures and stresses of life leave your body as it begins to relax.

You will be spoken to directly to your subconscious, where all your bad habits are controlled. After an hour you will be lifted from your addiction and can feel confident that there is no room for smoking in your life – your new life!

No more yellow stained teeth or the feeling that your loved ones are kissing an ashtray. You will break free from the addiction as a new person and feel great about your decision. Even if you are not sure you want to quit, the hypnosis Cd will work because it goes direct to your subconscious mind!

Every day that you continue to smoke you are shortening your life, so why wait any longer. Your subconscious mind is procrastinating and creating negative barriers to your success. Knock those barriers down and take control of your future!

You will be amazed, your family will be relieved, and everyone who runs in to you from here on in will be impressed by your strength and perseverance to overcome such a powerful and life threatening addiction.

What you will Receive

All our CDs are produced and printed to the highest quality. They are manufactured to high-quality specifications and are printed in full colour directly onto the disc.

Each of our CDs has over 60 min’s of total recording time. Each of the 2 tracks combine to give you both a high quality listening experience making this one of the most powerful inner transformation tools that has ever been available.

See sample below:

Play samples of our MindSoft™ Hypnosis CD

Track one (20 min’s)Super Learning NLP MetaVision™ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Hypnosis MetaVision™ Program, combines the pioneering, deeper learning strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. This recording irresistibly lures the listener on a journey inwards… to the metaphorical realms of the unconscious mind. The listener’s conscious mind becomes effortlessly absorbed in the entrancing narration, the skillful weave of hypnotic language patterns and metaphorical scenarios ensuring that the listener’s unconscious mind receives highly beneficial suggestions for encouraging positive change! This track is extremely powerful on it’s own and utilises the most fundamental maxims for subconscious life changing events – relaxation.

This track is audible and takes your mind deeply into a relaxed state – ready for the next track.

Track two (40 min’s)Stop Smoking MindSoft™ Hypnosis

The second track utilizes the latest techniques in hypnosis. MindSoft ™ is a new revolution in subconscious programming technology. Utilizes the ability of the subconscious to absorb what the conscious will not or cannot, to offer an effective and powerful new way to communicate with our inner-selves. And all without effort on your part.

You can now BE SURE that you are receiving your DAILY DOSE of re-programming for a new future.

Whether it is excessive stress, back pain, weight or allergies or other issues, these super hypnotic recordings by leading hypnotist Randy Charach can really help you.

Randy Charach, is a Canadian Hypnotist with over 20 years experience in the field.

Randy has hypnotised the likes of John Travolta, Tony Curtis, Sean Penn and many others from all walks of life. His satisfied clients also include many well-known corporations. He has performed for companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney, IBM and Xerox, and many, many other satisfied clients.

Now for the FIRST TIME EVER, you too can take advantage of his amazing ability to re-programme negative mind sets and install new empowering hard-wired mental circuitry deep in YOUR subconscious mind. All at a fraction of the normal price. Order today and change tomorrow!

For the first time ever you have the most powerful tool ever created to bring about long lasting and effective personal change. Discover the power to change your mind and change your life – forever!

Amazing MindSoft™ Hypnosis CDs that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Wish you could reprogram your mind like software engineers reprogram computers? – NOW YOU CAN!

With our unique self-help MindSoft™ hypnosis CDs you can start making deep internal changes to your life today!

Commit to change. Act today. Effectively and easily transform your core inner beliefs and create long lasting changes that dramatically improve the quality of your life. Guaranteed!

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