Spiritual Subliminal Message CDs

Spiritual Subliminal Message CD’s

Wish you could program your mind like software engineers program computers?

With our unique subliminal self-help cds you can start changing your life today! – not tomorrow or next week!

Subliminal self-help CDs can change all areas of your life and we employ our unique 3 – Step Induction System not available anywhere else.

Put Your Self in Balance

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be plagued by misery, bad luck and sickness etc. etc., whilst others just seem to lead a charmed life full of rewards.

The minds of each are entirely different. The first is filled with fears, hatred, vindictiveness, jealousy, feelings of inferiority and guilt, whilst the other is full of self-worthiness, forgiveness, love and confidence.

The choice as to which person you want to be IS entirely yours.

Start to become a winner in life by putting yourself in balance.

Get rid of the garbage that is cluttering your mind such as guilt, hate, anger etc. and replace these negative emotions with love, faith, and forgiveness.

Let go of the negative aspects of your past and open the door to a bright, new, promising future.

Allow positive energies to attract positive events into your life.

bridge your consciousness. Project your thought energies and greatly expand your influence on mass consciousness for the cause of world peace.

When you have evolved to a higher understanding of self you are ready to start influencing the rest of the world.

Unleash the power of YOUR subconscious TODAY!

Spiritual Subliminal Message CD’s

Lucid Dreaming
Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Channeling Your Higher Self
Past Life Therapy
Opening Up To A Higher Power
Spiritual Healing
Power Of The Spirit
Love, Light and Life
Increasing Spiritual Awareness
Discover Your Life’s Purpose
Fulfill Your Appointed Destiny