Master Martial Arts Sleep Hypnosis

Master Martial Arts Sleep Hypnosis


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Master Martial Arts Sleep Hypnosis CD

All our Sleep Hypnosis CDs have been specially formulated to be listened to awake or asleep. Ideally they should be listened to at bed time when the user can fall asleep as they listen.

These special Cds cannot be found elsewhere and ARE the latest in personal transformation.

Mental Fitness

Whether your martial art is Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, Jujitsu or any of the other forms of discipline and control there is much more to these arts then knowing the physical moves. As with any practice, there is always the mental aspect to master too.

Indeed, the mental side of any task, move or set piece can make the difference between success and failure. Any Master needs first to master his mind. Then and only then, can he hope to master his body and his moves.

Now you can receive some extra help. Now you can crack that mental block to fulfill your true potential. Now you can be more in the groove so that your art becomes second nature rather than some complex conscious movement.

Mastering Martial Arts Requires You to Master Your Mind

Have you always wanted to learn martial arts?

Do you get excited when you watch a martial arts movie?

Are you amazed at the cat like reflexes of the fighters, as they seem relaxed yet alert?

It is amazing to watch a martial arts match, whether in real life or on TV. The fighters seem to be completely relaxed, yet they are 100% alert to their entire surroundings. Martial arts is certainly an art form, it requires quick thinking, complete alertness, use of surroundings, and the ability to remain calm in drastic situations and act fast.

The strongest ability a martial arts expert has is his mind!

If you want to master martial arts, before you begin to learn the techniques used for fighting, you will have to master your mind. The ability to get in “The Zone” or as the Japanese call it “ZEN”, being in the moment, can be the hardest thing to do without help.

The mind techniques that are used during martial arts training are similar to hypnosis in that they seek to embed deep within the subconscious a calm total awareness. To go within to find the true sixth sense that is inherent in us all. However, it can take years to fully master this art, to master these techniques. However, this hypnosis CD can prime your mind and help it to entrain to the correct frequencies needed for complete mastery.

Visualize Your Opponents Movements – Before He Makes Them!

Quick Movements Are Seen In Slow Motion

Your Mind Has No Self Chatter

You Remain Calm – Even During Drastic Times

Alertness At An Extremely New Height

Focused On Opponent – But Aware Of Entire Surroundings

Relaxed And Steady Breathing

Reacting Only When Needing To

Knowing What You Will Do – Before You Do It

Fully Relaxed

Extremely Energized

These are methods and techniques that are taught to martial arts students and can take years to learn, but with the help of this hypnosis CD you can fast track your mind to absorb those teachings quicker and to prime your mind for enhanced performance. Keeping your mind alert and relaxed and focused on what’s ahead is the key to success when learning martial arts. The quick cat like reflexes are derived from images in your mind, from clarity of thought and superb confidence you will successfully in carrying out your moves.

Martial Arts Is More Mental Than Physical

When you see smaller guys tearing into large overly beefed up muscle heads, you wonder…how do they do that? Martial art is not about strength in the physical sense, but it is all about strength in the mental sense. Outsmarting your opponent is one way of looking at it…if you know what he is going to do before he does it; you have an unfair advantage in the fight. Becoming completely aware of your surroundings, your opponent, and your own self is the key to mastering martial arts.

You have to be able to enter the state of complete relaxation and awareness through your subconscious mind.

The hypnotic like trance that you will encounter when “in the zone” is designed to create a deep relaxation, an unfocused gaze with wide super sharp peripheral vision, and a lightening response time. You are able to react to occurrences with a swift and well thought out range of motions. You are in total control of your mind and your body.

Without the ability to clear your mind and tap into your subconscious, you are unable to attain this level of alertness.

You do not have to be strong to break a brick with your hands; you only have to know you can do it! You have seen many phenomenon’s by martial arts experts, such as walking on fire or broken glass, the person is always unharmed and seems completely oblivious to any pain. Why Do You Think That Is?

The mind controls our pain, our beliefs, our ability to focus, with the techniques used in martial arts through mind control and clarification; you can control not only your opponent, but your entire destiny!

Martial arts techniques can be used in many aspects of your entire life. With an enhanced sense of self and increased ability for concentrating on a particular goal, you will be able to achieve anything!

This hypnosis CD allows you to relax and have your subconscious mind spoken to. While you relax for an hour your subconscious will be cleared of all the self chatter, the negative beliefs, and the irrelevant information that it has been storing. In its place you will receive calming and relaxing abilities to focus, increase concentration, heighten awareness, as well as a greater sense of self confidence, inner strength and positive reinforcements.

There is no effort required on your part, you simply insert a CD and listen. Allow the soothing sounds to relax and calm you and within an hour you will feel like a different person. You will be amazed at the clarity and the new function of your minds abilities.

You Have Control of Your Mind

Feel More Grounded

Gain Full Self Confidence

Increase Your Reflexes

Strengthen Your Ability To Focus

Induce Relaxation

Have Full Awareness Of Your Surroundings

These are all things that can help you in your day to day life, not just in your goal to master martial arts. This hypnosis CD is 100% effective and has been a proven tool for increasing the learning abilities in many martial arts students.

Get A Head Start…By Starting In Your Head!

You can turbo charge many hours of training and hundreds of dollars in lessons by using this hypnosis CD to enhance your learning ability and unleash your true powers!

What you will Receive

All our CDs are produced and printed to the highest quality. They are manufactured to high-quality specifications and are printed in full colour directly onto the disc.

Each of our CDs has over 60 min’s of total recording time. Each of the 2 tracks combine to give you both a high quality listening experience making this one of the most powerful inner transformation tools that has ever been available.

See sample below:

Play samples of our MindSoft™ Hypnosis CD

Track one (20 min’s)Super Learning NLP MetaVision™ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Hypnosis MetaVision™ Program, combines the pioneering, deeper learning strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. This recording irresistibly lures the listener on a journey inwards… to the metaphorical realms of the unconscious mind. The listener’s conscious mind becomes effortlessly absorbed in the entrancing narration, the skillful weave of hypnotic language patterns and metaphorical scenarios ensuring that the listener’s unconscious mind receives highly beneficial suggestions for encouraging positive change! This track is extremely powerful on it’s own and utilises the most fundamental maxims for subconscious life changing events – relaxation.

This track is audible and takes your mind deeply into a relaxed state – ready for the next track.

Track two (40 min’s)Master Martial Arts MindSoft™ Hypnosis

The second track utilizes the latest techniques in hypnosis. MindSoft ™ is a new revolution in subconscious programming technology. Utilizes the ability of the subconscious to absorb what the conscious will not or cannot, to offer an effective and powerful new way to communicate with our inner-selves. And all without effort on your part.

You can now BE SURE that you are receiving your DAILY DOSE of re-programming for a new future.

Whether it is excessive stress, back pain, weight or allergies or other issues, these super hypnotic recordings by leading hypnotist Randy Charach can really help you.

Randy Charach, is a Canadian Hypnotist with over 20 years experience in the field.

Randy has hypnotised the likes of John Travolta, Tony Curtis, Sean Penn and many others from all walks of life. His satisfied clients also include many well-known corporations. He has performed for companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney, IBM and Xerox, and many, many other satisfied clients.

Now for the FIRST TIME EVER, you too can take advantage of his amazing ability to re-programme negative mind sets and install new empowering hard-wired mental circuitry deep in YOUR subconscious mind. All at a fraction of the normal price. Order today and change tomorrow!

For the first time ever you have the most powerful tool ever created to bring about long lasting and effective personal change. Discover the power to change your mind and change your life – forever!

Amazing MindSoft™ Hypnosis CDs that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Wish you could reprogram your mind like software engineers reprogram computers? – NOW YOU CAN!

With our unique self-help MindSoft™ hypnosis CDs you can start making deep internal changes to your life today!

Commit to change. Act today. Effectively and easily transform your core inner beliefs and create long lasting changes that dramatically improve the quality of your life. Guaranteed!

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