Why Affirmations Don’t Work

Why Affirmations Don’t Work

Affirmations Alone Create Too Many Contradictions For The Conscious Mind To Accept

For Affirmations To Work & Become Programs You Must Show The Conscious Mind Proof For 21 Days

Affirmations are generally thought of as a powerful way to bring about change in the way you think and act subconsciously.

However, although useful, the affirmations you repeat to yourself are constantly being checked and found wanting by your conscious mind.

You need to give your conscious mind 3 to 5 proofs every day that what you affirm as true is actually true.

And you need to write them down. No one knows why writing things down makes a difference but it does. Don’t skip this step. Do this for 21 days and you will discover that your affirmations have turned into programs.

Programs overcome the conscious minds objections and accelerates the reprogramming you are trying to achieve.

Now you may ask how can I prove to my conscious mind that what I am affirming is true.

Well there is always something about your affirmation that is true.

Take for example the statement “I am successful”.

Well the fact that you woke up is a success is it not. The fact that you chose where and when to have a coffee is a success. The fact that you repeated your affirmation is a success. The fact you are reading this is a success.

There are always numerous small successes in your every day life and if you take the time to acknowledge them and write them down each day then you are slowly but surely teaching your conscious mind to accept that what you affirm is true.

The conscious mind doesn’t care how important any particular task or how small a success is, it just knows you are a success because you keep proving it.

Try this method for 21 days and you will see how such a small shift in focus can produce such amazing results that you will never again merely repeat affirmations without providing proof to your conscious mind that what you assert and affirm to be true is and always will be true.

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